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Xpo North Scotland

XpoNorth, until 2014 known as goNORTH, is Scotland’s leading creative Industries festival. A hot-bed of creative activity, XpoNorth takes place over two exciting and energising days and nights in the Highland capital of Inverness.

The festival was launched in 2001 to provide a platform for artists from the north of Scotland to showcase for music industry and media representatives on their own patch. Now covering a much wider remit including Screen & Broadcast, Designer Fashion and Publishing, the event has become firmly established.

Address: XpoNorth Music, Ironworks Venue, 122B Academy Street, Inverness IV1 1LU, Scotland

Contact: Alex Smith – Projectmanager,



 KulturUngdom (CultureYouth) is a non-profit organization active in the Västra Götaland region, Sweden. Since the inception in 1994, the association has gradually grown from below and can today boast of several thousand members. We serve as a practical tool when tendencies and ambitions are in development and needs a platform to exist upon. Our aim is to become an obvious denominator within the region’s 49 municipalities while having tentacles out in other parts of Sweden, Europe and the world.

Address: KulturUngdom, Box 13037, 402 51,  GÖTEBORG

Contact: Mattias Tell –



music:LX is a non-profit organization and network, created in 2009 with two aims: to promote the music of Luxembourg around the world, regardless of the genre, and to establish professional exchange between Luxembourg and other territories

Address: Music:LX, 16, rue Belle-Vue, L-1227 Luxembourg.

Contact: Giovanni Trono –



ORA (The national organisation for upcoming musicians) focuses on improving the conditions for upcoming musicians and bands. ORA is based on local music organisations that cover the whole of Denmark and work on both a national and on regional/local levels as well as through international cooperations. ORA supports the talents in Denmark through national concert tours, festivals, workshops, industry information, know-how, development and coaching programs.

Address: ORA, Farvergade 27A, 2. floor, 1463 Cph. K., Denmark

Contact: /





Popfabryk is a production company based in Leeuwarden, in the Northern part of the Netherlands. It is an incubator for new talent with a focus on pop music and all other forms of popular culture. By developing and supporting new talent we stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship. Together with national and international partners in our network we connect new audiences to these talents.

Address: Achter De Hoven 21, 8933 AG Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Contact: Bente Hout – project manager –                                                                                                                                                                       Paul Gielen – business director –



Poppunt originated when a small team of volunteers decided that musicians, DJs, producers and bands needed more support. Some ten years later, the organisation has grown into an officially recognised support organization in Flanders.Poppunt is neither a booking or management agency, nor a governmental department or institute: just a bunch of music lovers working each day to make the lives of deejays, producers and musicians more interesting.Poppunt provides information and arranges gigs through its hugely successful community site, puts musicians and DJs in the spotlight with videos and allows them to better promote themselves. Poppunt has daily contact with musicians, bands, DJs and producers from a diverse range of genres through its media and projects.

Address: Poppunt vzw, Bloemenstraat 32, 1000 Brussels – Belgium

Contact: Stijn Lemaire – Projectmanager, T. + 32 2 504 99 00,



RockCity Hamburg was founded in 1987 as the mouthpiece and music network for Hamburg-based musicians. Today, the association is recognized throughout Germany as one of the longest established and most experienced pop institution of its kind, offering its broad knowledge of the market, its proximity to the music scene and the time-tested continuity of its close cooperation with Hamburg’s municipal cultural authorities and, most importantly, with its own members.

The asscociations main aim is to improve conditions for the creative popular music scene in Hamburg. In close contact with the local scene, the organisation promotes working, performance and marketing opportunities for local musicians, composers, authors, songwriters, publishers, labels, event managers and bookers. RockCity’skey focus is on up-and-coming and professional musicians, accompanying them in their efforts to succeed.

Contact: Andrea Rothaug & Nora Unger,



Sørf – Sørnorsk kompetansesenter for musikk is a non-profit member organisation that operates in the southern region of Norway. Since the start, in 2004, Sørf has played an important role in the region’s remarkable development within popular music and boosts more than 500 members in all the different areas of the music business. The organisation is based in the town of Kristiansand, and one of their most noticable projects outside of the town and region the last few years has been the establishment of the Sørveiv festival (beginning of November each year).

Address: SØRF, Kongensgt. 6, Aladdin 4610 Kristiansand

Contact: Anna Willrodt ,


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Lost In Music

The Lost In Music festival and the TAMK (Tampere University of Applied Sciences) Media and Arts programme have decided to cooperate in order to launch a brand new Excite Finland Event, as a part of Lost In Music festival. It provides a perfect base for exchanging, supporting and educating young talent (both artists and producers) participating Excite.

Lost In Music is a showcase festival held annually in Tampere, southern Finland. Each year it presents approximately 100 up-and-coming Finnish and foreign acts. Genres range from pop and rap to indie, electronica and heavy metal.  Lost In Music remains the only showcase event in Finland, thus providing the performers a unique opportunity to demonstrate their talent to music lovers and industry professionals alike. Lost In Music is a part of Finland’s most renowned music conference, Music & Media Finland.

TAMK (Tampere University of Applied Sciences) is a Finnish higher education institution oriented towards working life and RDI cooperation. TAMK has 10,000 students, almost 40 degree programmes in all, of which 7 are conducted in English, 300 partner universities in 50 countries. TAMK’s Media and Arts programme focuses on providing up-to-date competences in a continuously changing and growing international Media and Arts sector, including Music Production.





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