About Excite

Excite, short for Exchange of International Talent in Europe, is a collaboration project between eight organizations from nine different European countries that exchange young musical talent across European Borders.
XpoNorth in Scotland – http://xponorth.co.uk/
Music:LX in Luxembourg – www.musiclx.lu
KulturUngdom in Sweden – www.kulturungdom.se
SØRF in Norway – www.sorf.no
Poppunt in Belgium – www.poppunt.be
Popfabryk in The Netherlands – www.popfabryk.nl
ORA in  Denmark – www.ora.dk
RockCity  in Germany – www.rockcity.de
TAMK in Finland – http://www.tamk.fi
The participating organizations are all about supporting young upcoming bands and with Excite they want to give bands their first European touring experience. This is achieved by working together with a selection of festivals from the participating countries. Every year, each of the participating countries can nominate up to 3 bands for the project. When all nominations are in, the music programmers from the connecting festivals make a selection of bands that will be invited to play at their festival. Often this will provide the bands with their first European touring adventure. In this manner 23 playing opportunities for 12 bands across 9 different countries are created. That gives bands an invaluable networking opportunity and a chance to gain experience abroad. Aside from providing playing opportunities, Excite also aims to exchange knowledge, contacts and experience. That’s why this year the different partners will also work together to offer radio sessions, studio sessions in collaboration with pop academies, extra playing opportunities outside of the participating festivals and workshops with key players from the music industry.


Young musical talent that has already proven itself in its home country is ready to take over Europe. Excite shows them the way by offering them an international adventure in which they will be confronted with cultural differences and where they get to experience firsthand what it’s like to play abroad.

Who are they?
Tamzene (Scotland)
Tuys (Luxembourg)

Mira Aasma (Sweden)

• Rise Above (Norway)
• Tomin (Norway)
Consolers (Germany)
• The Other SHI (Germany)
Faces On TV (Belgium)
• Wanthanee (Belgium)
Abdomen (The Netherlands)
F.U.N.C. (The Netherlands)
Farveblind Denmark)
F.U.N.C. (Finland)



Bands will be presented with the opportunity to play at some of the most important European showcase festivals. There, they will get a chance to prove themselves in front of representatives from the music industry and, just as important, in front of a new audience.

Which festivals?
XpoNorth festival(Scotland)
Sonic Visions (Luxembourg)
Play Festival (Belgium)
Welcome To The Village (The Netherlands)
Freeze Festival (The Netherlands)
Sørveiv Festival (Norway)
SPOT Festival (Denmark)
MS Dockville (Germany)
Lost In Music (Finland)


A collaboration between 8 unique organizations from 8 different European countries that exchange young musical talent across European borders. Their philosophy: providing young and upcoming bands with the opportunity to play abroad. Supporting young talent is what these organizations are all about.

Who are they?
• Scotland – partner: XpoNorth
• Luxembourg – partner: Music:LX
• Sweden – partner: KulturUngdom 
Norway – partner: SØRF
• Belgium – partner: Poppunt vzw 

• The Netherlands – partner: Popfabryk
• Denmark – partner: ORA
• Germany – partner: RockCity – www.rockcity.de


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