Live At Heart preview!

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It’s almost time for the Live at Heart festival in Örebro, Sweden! The festival is one of the biggest Swedish events for music and film. Between August 30th and September 2nd you can experience 200 musical acts or 300 gigs at 20 venues! 

In the daytime you can attend the Live at Heart Conference; lectures, seminars, workshops and networking activities on subjects related to music, film, entrepreneurship and business. During the evening you can enjoy performances all over town at local venues. 

What’s more, Excite sends send two new acts: Wanthanee and Tuys. While soulful singer-songwriter Wanthanee is a young and coming acts from Belgium, Tuys is a promising indie band from Luxembourg. Exciting acts, not to miss at Live At Heart! 


Dockville coming up!


Between 18 – 20 August the music and art festival Dockville takes place again in the harbour area of Hamburg. Excite teams up with RockCity Hamburg, Music:LX and Ora to get two amazing but very different Excite acts on the lineup. 

While Tuys is a danceable indie band from Dudelange, Luxembourg Farveblind is a young producer duo conceived in the dark underground music scene of Northern Jutland. They combine heavy acoustic beats to high-pitched synth melodies.

Be sure to check them out at Dockville! 

WTTV Report!


Between 21-23 July the great Welcome To The Village took place in the Dutch coastal area of Leeuwarden. The festival received Hamburg based electro pop duo the other shi. On Saturday the duo played at the Kolderwolde stage. Also they took part in a special project called Asteriks in Residence, initiated by Frisian venue Podium Asteriksthe other shi wrote and rehearsed a complete live-set of 20 minutes together with Dutch shoegaze band CIEL and performed this exclusively at Welcome to The Village Festival on Sunday! 

3voor12 Friesland wrote a great review and article about the band! And here you can find some video footage! 

Asteriks in Residence 08.jpgSchermafbeelding 2017-08-08 om 13.10.30


Preview: Welcome To The Village!


Between 21-23 July the great Welcome To The Village takes place again in the Dutch coastal area of Leeuwarden. Once again Excite, Popfabryk and Rockcity teams up with this peaceful but front running fest! 

German electro pop band The Other SHI will travel to the Netherlands to play at the festival. Exciting times coming; stay tuned for a report! 


Review: SPOT Festival!


The amazing SPOT took place between 4 & 7 May in Aarhus. For all those who want to know what’s trending in the Nordic music scene, this Danish showcase festival features more than 100 promising or well-known bands and acts. 

The line-up included two Exciting bands, namely Mira Aasma and Rise Above. Aasma, the icey electro pop songstress from Sweden, played the café of Musikhuset on May 5th in the late afternoon (see pictures below). A few hours earlier Rise Above, a Norwegian hardcore punk outfit, played the Rytmisk Sal. Both Excite acts made a great appearance at SPOT!

EXCITE17@SPOT - Mira Aasma (SE) - NIck Siriwadh (12) kopieEXCITE17@SPOT - Mira Aasma (SE) - NIck Siriwadh (7) kopie

EXCITE17@SPOT - Rise Above (SE) - NIck Siriwadh (12) kopieEXCITE17@SPOT - Rise Above (SE) - NIck Siriwadh (3) kopie


Preview: XpoNorth Festival in Scotland!


On the 7th and 8th of June, the Scottish Highlands are once again the epicentre for creative activity. XpoNorth festival (formerly known as goNORTH) takes place in the legendary city of Inverness and is Scotland’s leading creative industries festival. The festival is a unique event in the UK’s cultural calendar, covering crafts, fashion and textiles; writing and publishing; screen and broadcast; and music.

But there’s more! Three of Europe’s finest Excite artists will perform at the festival: Faces On TV (Belgium), Consolers (The Netherlands) & Mira Aasma (Scotland). Give yourself a treat and discover these gems at XpoNorth!


SPOT Festival coming up!


Very shortly, with SPOT between 4 & 7 May, a new season of Exciting festivals and artists kicks off. For all those who want to know what’s trending in the Nordic music scene, this Danish showcase festival features more than 100 bands and acts.

Each late spring, about 8,000 guests visit Aarhus to experience between 100 and 200 concerts from new, as well as more established solo artists and bands.

The line-up will include two Exciting bands, namely Mira Aasma and Rise Above. The former is a icey electro pop songstress from Sweden, whereas the latter is a Norwegian hardcore punk outfit. Two very different bands, but both worthwile to check out!


Review: Freeze Festival in The Netherlands!


Between 9 & 11 December Freeze Festival took place in ‘Leeuwarden, Friesland’, up north in The Netherlands. For its 20th edition the festival started from scratch: a new date, a new venue and a timetable with even more space for experiment. Due to the cancellation of Foxos, only one of two Excite bands performed at the festival. On Thursday Lional played a home show, on Friday they did a session for local Noardewyn Omrop Fryslan and on Saturday they played a gig at the festival. 


It was a privilege to perform at Freeze Fest. The atmosphere of the whole event was so positive and the line-up was both diverse and of high quality. We had a great time checking out as many acts as possible in our free time and getting to perform was a pleasure. We are grateful to have been given such a great platform of exposure for our first trip to The Netherlands.” (Lional)



Review: Sorveiv Festival in Norway!


October 28th & 29th, the Norwegian showcase festival Sørveiv took place in Kristiansand. The festival put up around 40 artists from the Nordics and the rest of Europe, and this year’s EXCITE-bands Lake Jons (FI) and Napoleon Gold (LU) fit perfectly into the eclectic yet fast-forward and stringent line-up of Sørveiv. In addition, the festival featured an innovative music conference focused on dialogue, inclusion and problem-oriented solutions, attracting speakers and delegates from all over Europe to Kristiansand. Watch the after movie below! 


Preview: Freeze Festival in The Netherlands!


Between 9 & 11 December Freeze Festival will take place in ‘Leeuwarden, Friesland’, up north in The Netherlands. For its 20th edition the festival starts from scratch: a new date, a new venue (De Neushoorn!) and a timetable with even more space for experiment. On 9 December there will even be a conference about the state of pop music education! 

What’s more: two Excite bands will play the Freeze Festival! German electro-pop band Foxos and Scottish indie/noir pop Lional will definitely be two of the most promising acts to discover!

Review: Sonic Visions in Luxembourg!


Between 10 & 12 November Sonic Visions took place in Luxembourg: a three day showcase event for up and coming international touring artists. At the same time the festival aimed to be a meeting platform for these artists and 400 (!) of the music industry’s key players. 

On saturday Lake Jons from Finland had a great spot in the incredible venue Rockhal. That day the band also did an interview with Stay-Tuned Interviews and played an acoustic session for topnotch video blog Colombe Music. You can watch an after movie of the festival and the acoustic session of Lake Jons! 



Preview: Sonic Visions in Luxembourg!


Between 10 & 12 November Sonic Visions will take place in Luxembourg. Top notch concert promotor Rockhal and its Music & Research Centre Rocklab organise a three day showcase event for up and coming international touring artists. At the same time the festival aims to be a meeting platform for these artists and the music industry’s key players. Be ready for 35 festival acts and 55 conference speakers! 

We’re happy to say that Excite act Lake Jons from Finland will play Sonic Visions. Looking forward! 


Preview: Sorveiv in Norway!


On 28 & 29 October Sorveiv takes place in Kristiansand, Norway. Since its start in 2010 the festival’s relevance in showcasing adventurous and eclectic artists has grown enormously. Sorveiv puts +40 acts on 6 stages in the heart of Kristiansand. The focus is on Nordic artists, but several European bands also get their spot on the lineup. 

What’s more: two Excite acts will play the festival: Napoleon Gold from Luxemburg  and Lake Jons from Finland! 


Review: PLAY Festival & Charlatan!


During 6 – 8 October Belgium welcomed Napoleon Gold (Lu) and Bastard Sugar (NL). They played the support act for Hydrogen Sea in Charlatan and performed at PLAY festival in Muziekodroom Hasselt. The two bands teamed up with 3 college students of PXL-Music and made sure it was a great weekend!

On thursday promotors Democrazy & Poppunt hosted a concert with Hydrogen Sea in Charlatan, Ghent. The the two Excite bands played the support act. The venue was packed and both bands managed to get the crowd moving.

Before the concert in the afternoon, Poppunt arranged an interview with local radio Urgent for the two bands where they could promote themselves and play a live set. With a day off before the next gig at PLAY festival, Napoleon Gold and Bastard Sugar had a nice rehearsal and jam session at the PXL-music headquarters. 

Saturday was D-Day at PLAY Festival. PLAY is a showcase event organised by topnotch venue Muziekodroom. It is the official kickoff festival of Belgian club season. Both Bastard Sugar and Napoleon Gold opened on the Beep stage with amazing live performances. 



Preview: Lost In Music in Finland!


On 6 – 8 October Lost In Music takes place in Tampere, southern Finland. The festival connects upcoming  Finnish acts to an audience of about 15.000 people and occupies several venues in the city center. Being the biggest showcase platform for Finish artist it aims to bring together artists, their representatives and talent seekers. Therefore it operates as an autonomous festival alongside the Music & Media Conference. 

What’s more: no less then three (!)Excite acts will play the festival: Wooly Mammoths from Belgium, The Kendolls from Denmark and Norwegian Kelvin


Preview: Charlatan & PLAY Festival in Belgium!




The annual Hasselt-based PLAY Festival, which is the unofficial start of the Flemish club season, is back with an eclectic lineup that reads like a who’s who of Belgian future music scene. Limburg’s leading music venue Muziekodroom hosts four stages and welcomes 20 artists. Think Coely‘s urban hit singles, Hypochristmutreefuzz & Cocaine Piss’ guitar-driven noise and former Excite artists Brutus and LTGL.

Two days earlier Ghent-based promotor Democrazy & Poppunt will be hosting a concert of Hydrogen Sea in Charlatan. The duo  will present its highly praised debut album ‘In Dreams’.

What’s more, both events will feature two international Excite artists; Bastard Sugar from the Netherlands and Napoleon Gold from Luxemburg. If you’re in the region on the  6th & 8th of October, be sure to give Charlatan & PLAY festival a visit!


 Festival & band report: Dockville!


On 19 – 21 August Dockville took place in the former harbour area of Hamburg. Once again Excite teamed up with RockCity Hamburg, Popfabryk and Ora to get two exciting bands on the festival lineup.

Dutch DJ and beat maker Bastard Sugar played on Friday at a venue called “Kluse”, a beautiful stage close to the water. About 100 people enjoyed and danced to their sounds. Afterwards the band did some promotion with local media that RockCity Hamburg arranged (both TIDE Radio and Kulturnews).

On Saturday afternoon Danish band Shy Shy Shy played on “Maschinenraum”, the festivals third Main stage. The band did a spectaculair and wild performance that had a great impact on the 150 p. audience. Great atmosphere that translated into positive feedback and press attention. Afterwards the band did an interview + session for TIDE Radio and the campus-based “CT Das Radio“. At the end of August the band returned to Hamburg to play JA JA JA/Molotow. Great things happening!



(c) Anne Salomons


Festival & band report: WTTV & JR Green!


On 15-17 July the great Welcome To The Village took place in the Dutch coastal area of Leewarden. Once again Excite, XpoNorth and Popfabryk teamed up with this peaceful but front running fest.

On Saturday Scottish band JR Green got to play a cosy session in a 100 p. capacity yurt called ‘Grauwe Kat’. They also played a gig at a meeting about Cultural Exchanges and European Networks. The day before they did a promo session & talk at Noardewyn Omrop Fryslan, which is the biggest local radio and TV-platform. Their show also got a preview at the well-read blogs 3VOOR12/Friesland, and Suksawat. Exciting times!


(c) Ruben Van Vliet

SPOT Festival: an impression!

For those who didn’t make it to Denmark for the SPOT Festival a couple of months ago, we have some grrrrreat news: we’ve got some footage of the Excite bands that performed in 2016! Thanks to our partner ORA, you can get an impression of the sweet trip hop of Kelvin & the earth-shattering hardcore of The Kendolls. Enjoy!

Next up: XPONORTH!

Xpo North Scotland

The annual Inverness-based XpoNorth festival, until 2014 known as goNORTH, is Scotland’s leading creative industries festival. A hot-bed of creative activity, XpoNorth takes place over two exciting and energising days and nights in the Highland capital of Inverness. The only festival of its kind in Scotland covering crafts, fashion and textiles; writing and publishing; screen and broadcast; and music. XpoNorth is a unique event in the UK’s cultural calendar.

What’s more, the festival will feature no less than three (!) Excite artists; Foxos from Germany, LTGL from Belgium & Shy Shy Shy from Denmark. If you’re in the region on the 7th & 8th of June, be sure to give XpoNorth a visit!

SPOT Festival is coming!

SPOT Festival, logo, landscape, color

Good news, everyone! Very shortly, with SPOT, the first Excite festival of the year will begin. For all those who want to know what’s trending in the Nordic music scene, this Danish showcase festival features more than 100 bands and acts.

Each late spring, around 8,000 guests visit Aarhus to experience between 100 and 200 concerts from new, as well as more established solo artists and bands.

The line-up will include two excite bands, namely The Kendolls and Kelvin. The former are a balls-to-the-wall, DIY-minded, hardcore and punk unit from Sweden, whereas the latter make a triphop blend of cool electronics and warm, organic sounds. Two very different bands, that are both worthwile to check out!

Info and line-up for 2016 will be regularly updated at


Poppunt brings excite to the GLIMPS Showcase Festival


This weekend, from 10 to 12 December, the GLIMPS Showcase Festival will take place for the fifth time. That means that the most interesting talents from Belgium and other parts of Europe will take over the city of Ghent for three days straight, providing venues and other locations with the best live music around.

Just like the previous year, excite will be represented to the fullest: not only are all the partners present to participate, as the spotlight at the event is on Danish music, the Belgian partner Poppunt managed to get a Danish excite band in the line-up of the festival. Keep Camping will play a show on Friday the 11th of December. The young five-piece will get the opportunity to present their danceable pop music, and show what they’re made of in front of a crowd consisting of international music professionals and enthusiastic Belgian music lovers.

If you’d happen to visit the lovely city of Ghent this weekend, be sure to pass by the Trefpunt, where the show wil start at 21h50!


FESTIVAL & BAND REPORT: the German exchange

Jack The Hustler @ Rockcity Hamburg

During the weekend of 19 to 21 August, the fabulous MS DOCKVILLE festival once again took place in the city of Hamburg. Thanks to our partner RockCity Hamburg e.V., excite was able to put on display no less than three of our European talents during the event: Yuko Yuko (NL), Sväva (NL), and Jack The Hustler (FI) were all able to showcase their music in front of a new, German public.

The other contribution RockCity made in 2015, was to provide German talent of their own: the organization opted for Hundreds and Torpus And The Art Directors to represent their country. The former had the luck to play at Capital Sound in Luxembourg and Freeze Festival in The Netherlands, whereas the latter got to gig at the Swedish Live At Heart Festival.

All of these German exchanges yielded a lot of opportunities and media exposure for the bands involved. RockCity made a round-up of all of the press attention, which you can find as a PDF here:

Pressespiegel excite 2015


Sørveiv: festival report – 6 & 7 November


Those who were lucky enough to be in the beautiful Nordic city of Kristiansand last week, were able to enjoy the Sørveiv festival. On the 6th and 7th of November, no less than 40 international acts participated in the event, including one band that was selected from our excite project.

Sørveiv is a boutique music business festival, which has now entered its fifth year of existence, and has gradually become a relevant means to discover the best musical talents in Norway. Every day, the event consisted of two parts: during daytime, music business delegates were able to participate in panels and seminars; and during night time, visitors could explore the most exciting merging young artists from the Nordic countries and Europe, including one excite band – BRUTUS!

Thanks to our partnership with the people at Sørf (Sørnorsk kompetansesenter for musikk), a non-profit that operates in the southern region of Norway, the Belgian band was able to play a show on the 7th on November at Onkel Aksel, and convince the Kristiansand crowd of its highly energetic and heavy, but still catchy sound. The band is no stranger when it comes to playing European clubs and stages, but this was its first concert in Norway.

With Sørveiv behind us, 2015 is officially over for the excite project. Be sure to check in at this website regularly though, as we’ll continue to post updates and reports (in the News and History sections) about the past events and artists!


Play Festival & Charlatan: Photo report – 2 OCTOBER

Between 1 & 3 october, three Excite bands visited Belgium to get immersed in the local music scene, to play a couple of shows and to do radio sessions in both Hasselt and Ghent.

It was a great experience all-around, for both the bands involved as well as the organizers and excite partners. Now that the shows are done, here’s some footage of the bands when they played the Charlatan show on the 2nd of October. (Photos © Gert-Jan De Baets / Genthology)

These photos can also be found as a Facebook photo album by the people of Democrazy.

Charlatan 01 Byron Bay Charlatan 02 Byron Bay Charlatan 03 Byron Bay Charlatan 04 Byron Bay Charlatan 05 Byron Bay Charlatan 06 Ice In My Eyes Charlatan 07 Ice In My Eyes Charlatan 08 Ice In My Eyes Charlatan 09 Ice In My Eyes Charlatan 10 Miss Irenie Rose Charlatan 11 Miss Irenie Rose Charlatan 12 Miss Irenie Rose Charlatan 13 Yuko Yuko Charlatan 14 Yuko Yuko Charlatan 15 Yuko Yuko Charlatan 16 Yuko Yuko Charlatan 17 Yuko Yuko Charlatan 18 Yuko Yuko Charlatan 19 Yuko Yuko Charlatan 20 Yuko Yuko Charlatan 21 Yuko Yuko


Play Festival & Charlatan: 3 promising bands visit Belgium, 1 – 3 OCTOBER

Play Festival

Between 1 & 3 october, three Excite bands get immersed in the Belgian music bizz by playing shows and doing radio sessions in both Hasselt and Ghent. Meanwhile, it’s a great opportunity for the Belgian crowd to discover talent from The Netherlands, Scotland and Luxembourg.

The promising bands that got selected, are Yuko Yuko (NL), Ice In My Eyes (LU) & Miss Irenie Rose (SC). They will arrive in Belgium on Thursday the 1st of October, with a packed schedule for the following days. First, Music Management students from the pop music school PXL-Music, will welcome them, and provide the artists with vital information about the local music industry.

Then, on Friday, they’re off to Ghent to play a live session on local radio station, and to play a live show. The show is organized by concert promoter Democrazy, and will take place at the Charlatan, a renowned bar & music venue in the Ghent music scene. As an added bonus, the Belgian Excite band Byron Bay will join for the evening as well.

Finally, the Excite artists are off to Hasselt on Saturday for the main event of their trip: Play Festival, the indoor festival of music club Muziekodroom. There, they will be added to an already impressive line-up, fillled with national and international quality acts in a variety of genres.

Both the Ghent and Hasselt shows are free of charge.



Ghent: Charlatan (org. by Democrazy)

Friday 2 October, 19:00, Charlatan, Ghent
Excite bands: Byron Bay, Yuko Yuko, Miss Irenie Rose, Ice In My Eyes

Hasselt: Play Festival (org. by Muziekodroom)

Saturday 3 October, 17:30, Muziekodroom, Hasselt
Yuko Yuko, Miss Irenie Rose, Ice In My Eyes




MATTIAS TELL (KulturUngdom): “Our partner festival, Live at Heart, ran this year from Wednesday the 2nd to Saturday the 5th of September. Compared to the other two years we’ve been here, we decided to do things a little bit different. First off, all of our acts played on one stage during one night, instead of being scattered all over the programme, as it was the case before. That way, everyone played at the Live At Heart festival on Thursday and a club night at a venue in Gothenburg was scheduled the following day. Also, we decided to work with a Gothenburg team called Nordic Vibrations to promote and execute the evening at the festival.

We invited three acts from the Excite network, Torpus & The Art Directors (DE), The Attic Sleepers (DK), Miss Irenie Rose (SCO), along with our two Swedish acts, The Bongo Club and Tellus Children. On Thursday, the bill consisted of these five acts on one stage, and we managed to get them daytime slots on a stage at the big town square in Örebro as well. These daytime shows are not all that great, but they do give the city a sense of getting “music-a-fied” during the days of Live at Heart.

The organization worked smoothly; all the acts got checked in, played their daytime shows and then we all met up at the Scandic Cupole early Thursday evening. We quickly got the stage ready, and the crowd turned out to be bigger than we had anticipated for a regular Thursday night. In the middle of the event, the room was almost full. As it got later people started to drop off but all in all it was a really good vibe and a great night.

As KulturUngdom’s house tech was present during the shows to listen in on all the acts, he knew what to expect from the line-up the next night during the club shows. In Gothenburg, we named the event Exposure ,which took place at Oceanen, a great setting for the evening. It’s a small venue with a 130 capacity and during the night it got steaming hot in there as we nearly filled the place.

The mix of having an acoustic focus on all invited acts and a bit more rock attitude on the Swedish ones gave us a good spectrum of music. Needless to say, we were more than happy. The musicians were great both on and off stage, which we consider just as important. All in all, from the Swedish side of things, we consider this our best year of being part of Excite yet.”



Eins, Zwei, Drie, Fjouwer!

Eins Zwei stickers-stressed

Eins, Zwei, Drie, Fjouwer! is a special German-Dutch project with musicians, photographers and video makers.

There will be creative young makers involved from Leeuwarden, Rotterdam, Bremen and Hamburg. In each city a long weekend will be organized with workshops, performances, master classes, acoustic sessions, recordings, etc.

The Popfabryk (Leeuwarden-NL) and RockCity Hamburg e.V. (Hamburg-DE) participate in the European network Excite. The Popunie (Rotterdam-NL), and Musikszene Bremen e.V. (Bremen-DE) participate in the European network Stage Europe Network. With this project, we want to develop the cooperation between two Dutch and two German organisations, both at home and abroad with the neighbouring country, but it is also a pilot project between two European networks.

Eins, Zwei, Three, Fjouwer! has been made possible by the Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie and Fonds Sociokultur.


Finally, only a few days left till the kickoff of Excite 2015!

The purpose of Excite is to exchange young musical talent across European Borders. For the edition of 2015, Excite provides nineteen playing opportunities. Nine incredible bands can gain their first European touring experience at nine leading festivals and clubs.

The first festival of this years edition is the Danish SPOT Festival. As the main music industry festival in Denmark and one of the most important industry festivals in Scandinavia, SPOT Festival is the perfect start of Excite 2014. The festival will take place on 1 and 2 May and welcomes THE BONGO CLUB (Sweden), AND THEY SPOKE IN ANTHEMS (Belgium) and JACK THE HUSTLER (Finland).

Make sure to check out these promising upcoming bands on SPOT Festival!


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